Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

While I don’t feel extremely calm and relaxed about beginning this new school year, nor am I fully prepared, I find that I am rather okay with it. Last year at this time, I was freaking out, trying to make sure everything was perfect and worrying about the most insignificant things. I now listen to my friends starting in their first year of teaching talk about all the things they are doing and working on and I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s really not important!” But, being a fellow perfectionist, I understand where they are coming from with feeling the need to make poster after poster or put together little things to hang around the room and what not. It’s just interesting how I don’t worry so much about the perfect appearance of every little thing in my room now, but rather, I’m worried about having a deeper understanding of the curriculum…

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Aug 10 2009

Welcome to My Blog

In an effort to capitalize on my experience as a Teach For America corps member, and increase my communication with friends and family, I have decided to start this blog. After my first year, I realized that I struggled to keep up with friends and family and was never able to clearly articulate everything I…

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